What Social Networking Should Have Been?

Recently, a number of people are actually feeling the anguish that is certainly social networking. By pain, We are talking about losing many freedoms that are included with having a social networking profile.

Let us take in particular the normal social networking website, you signup, make a profile, start being active . friends (people you could or might not have any idea), then you're attached to this huge community (schools, cities, sometimes the complete network).

This information is all logged practically in most websites, because of web crawlers, advertisers, and several other spammers. Your social being is threatened, as well as your privacy is threatened likewise. Could you escape the grasp of any myspace or facebook when you finally let it sit? In many instances, it is harder than you would imagine.

Not forgetting the flaws of identity theft in web 2 . 0, picture stealing, and all sorts of sorts of other serious flaws with online community.

I too have had a under pleasant experience involving online community involving people stalking me, and also the deletion of your account that never actually really got deleted, also, the constant influx of seriously disturbing messages and random rants of men and women you care less about.

I have been associated with several social networking sites personally, like a user, and that i ought to admit that most are under par.

What should web 2 . 0 be? We've worked to attempt to find out a system that has to be an optimum system of web 2 . 0, also it does fall a great deal away from the current spectrum of social network.

Social Networks: In past times they've been developer created. That you were either forced right group, which could unfit your own interests or perhaps you were placed in a network that wasn't verifiably something that you wanted to be a part of.

What i'm saying is you may not care you can speak to one million those who you will never be associated with? I didn't think so.

The things they needs to have been? A complete user defined network, the location where the person creates/joins a network of their friends/acquaintances, along with your friends will invite their friends, also it would grow after that, which means you would mainly be chatting with/communicating with 'trusted' people who are friends of friends, or those that have some relation to you through friends.

Meeting random people off the internet is just not what lots of people are about, of course , if individuals are seeking to achieve that, and then there are many other sites were that you can do exactly that.

The subsequent is a great instance of a few things i am dealing with: [http://epicka.com/how.html]

Preferences: Most up to date dating/networking sites leave many security unaccounted for. They let your profile visible to be logged by bots (record everything about you for search/advertising purposes) logged by advertisers, logged by spammers, and in some cases: direct spam directly through your profile. This is simply not good. The need to be worried about possibly getting spammed along with your privacy threatened. This wasn't some tips i decided upon after i opted in for social network.

Here's your life i am referring to plus the security of the profile and everything related to the profile ought to be completely in regards to you. You shouldn't be told what you are able/can't share, what you are able/can't add, plus it needs to be as completely open or closed as you wish so that it is.

It's myspace or facebook, so you must be able to ensure it is your network.

Features: There will be a couple of strict items that you're able to do with a social media, which is basically tied to some things. You can apply the next on virtually every myspace and facebook:

* mail people

* post comments

* post pictures

* chat in forums

* chat

That's simply the most that we have discovered of use on social networking, all the other features: blogging, winning contests, posting bulletins, posting in classifieds.

I've noted greater locations that I can do all of these things, even so the thing is when I myspace or facebook, I am unable to really 'share' some tips i am trying to share with my local freinds because a lot of random people may have entry to the things that I would like to keep private from others.

After researching and doing great deal of digging, I have already been creating a site that implements all these features i always have discovered that are really significantly needed in a social network site. I am fitting in with develop besides these products, but a bunch of other considerations that you can do with your social network, such as simply a hint of some tips i am contemplating developing:

* File sharing with friends.

* Your music sharing with friends. Your music. Your movies. (Think video sharing using a closed network for just your friends, as well as having your bands music posted to your friends)

* Info Exchange, focusing on projects for high school, college, university, work, life, and require your friends input about what you need to do, they will help you and you may help them from the network to conspire and find amazing grades.

* Global whilst your network news aggregation, got a bit of amazing news that you want to see just your buddies, or world? It is possible to post it.

* User defined search engine, users submit the sites, vote about the sites, as well as the sites are adjusted to your preferences.

* Personal preferences that let you keep the words private, just by your network, or perhaps the entire world? It is possible to pick them.

That is only a narrow your search of several of the projects that people are, and will be implementing. You will have a lot of new projects that any of us will likely be adding inside the coming months.


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