Homeschoolers and College Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment (attending community college while still in senior high) has developed into very well liked trend among many homeschool students. After all, the opportunity to reduce college costs is pretty attractive! There are some great benefits to this choice, but I have found that numerous parents are unaware of the potential pitfalls when their 16 or 17 year-old student participates in classes intended for older adults.

Our sons attended college after they were 16 and 17, the other of the most surprising things we experienced was the abundance of pornography. There was clearly pornographic material easily obtainable in students bookstore next to the engineering books (because presumably engineers are males). One parent told me that her daughter enrolled in an English class, and one from the pieces essential for reading was pornographic as the name indicated.

During one of our son's spanish classes, they showed movies of unclothed people, so as to "experience the French culture". Within their speech class, the category plus the teacher were great, but another student in class gave a speech that's pornographic in the wild. My children were trying tough to act cool, but as being a parent, I became pretty mortified that I position them into that situation.

For a college fair I visited, a representative from community college took me aside and explained to offer a message to homeschoolers, that their children are sitting close to adjudicated adults - those who just been released from prison and registered sex offenders. College is surely an adult environment. Fat loss that adjudicated adults is usually refused admission.

We had been also astounded by the vulgar language. One of the calculus teachers would drop the F-bomb when he spoke day in and day out. I believe he was looking to be cool and seeking to be along with the group. It is advisable to realize that not all teachers do these things; we simply found these to be true.

College is comparable to a public high school graduation atmosphere devoid of the moderation that derives from being for some other children. At college you will notice people smoking without being concerned that they are smoking, people swearing, etc. They bring the information in the classroom because they're all primarily grown adults; it may not be a children's environment.

Students that are perfectionists are apt to have more difficulty in college. This may not be an academic problem, because they will get an A with little effort. The problem comes when students transition from college to a university. Whenever they embark on to university, suddenly much more effort must earn an A. Once they realize they didn't get A's simply because they were a genius, depression would be the result.

Carefully weigh the advantages and cons before you enroll your student in this particular environment; the price just could 't be more than worth it.

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